A Clever North Sea Captain

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foggy-row-signatureIf we didn’t enjoy creating prints, trays, and totebags so much we’d probably just sit around a fire and tell stories of maiden voyages. So, here is a little story about a sea captain with a few tricks up his sleeve.

Way back In 1808, the Norwegian pirate captain, Tønnes Kaade Samuelsen, and his crew set sail for the sea to do what pirates do best. However, it was the dead of winter on the North Sea and many tradeships dared to leave the harbors.

Captain Samuelsen grew bored and decided to have a little fun. He and his men headed to England, disguised themselves as fishermen coming home. Once they were at dock they cut the ropes attached to the biggest ship they could find, and simply sailed it back to Norway.

This was the captain’s all time favorite trick throughout his steady career as he and his men practiced it over and over. Then one day his ship sunk in a storm, taking him and his entire crew with it.