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At Lions & Cranes we conduct our work based on a philosophy that we call ”goowah goobah”. It is simply the Lions & Cranes way of putting the Swedish expression ”goa gubbar” meaning ”good fellows”. We are happy and friendly dudes that want to create joy and do good doing so. With respect for man and nature we want to transmit happy, respectful and good vibe energy in all we do. Basing all our actions on this perspective we constantly aim to nourish and develop a jolly good fellowship between us, our customers of various kind and planet earth.



Lightner, a veteran illustrator, did his master’s studies in visual communication at HDK in Göteborg with an emphasis on traditional printing techniques, stemming from his time working at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee. Hatch is the oldest continually running print shop in the US, using only traditional methods to produce over 600 letterpress poster jobs annually for clients like Bruce Springsteen, Band of Horses, and Neko Case, as well as having produced the first original Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Louis Armstrong show prints.

Victor, a graduate from KTH in product development with a complementary BA in economics brings a special span of knowledge in areas of development, design and production to the table. With an eye for details and quality, trained during a decade of working with creating and realizing world class automotive interiors and international projects of his own Victor now uses his skills to help create and secure the quality and design of Lions and Cranes products.